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Video Projects Should Focus on Specific Desired Results

Creating a Good Video isn’t an Effective Goal

Video production is the future of business marketing, there’s no doubting that today. However, did you know that making more video content shouldn’t always be the goal? And the goal needs to be more specific than making good video content? Video projects should focus on specific desired results. Making a video is easy, but making a quality video production that drives specific desired results is not. In fact, it involves an extensive amount of knowledge, experience, and creativity to create a successful video for business purposes. Thankfully for our clients, we are here to do that for them. It’s also important that your video production team isn’t solely focused on creating a great looking video. Your video team needs to be keeping your underlying goals and vision front and center as well. Many production companies are learning that this provides the best results not only for their clients, but also for themselves as well.  


Every Video Project Should have Goals

With WK Studios, our clients rest assured that we approach each project with the big picture in mind. We see it as our priority to create video production projects in an engaging and effective manner. To be effective, messaging must cover specific goals intended for that project. Having specific goals will also make it easier to gauge results. Because each type of project has its own set of desired outcomes, the approach to each video must vary as well.

In other words, not every deliverable can be achieved with the same type of video. Branding videos, commercials, and fundraising videos are all examples of videos that need a significant emphasis on quality. However, each has vastly different messaging requirements. Whether the results you desire are measurable metrics tied to sales figures, or you wish to tie a general emotion to your brand; every successful video project should have these goals communicated early (and often, if needed). Your video production team needs to be focused on your deliverables. How can a batter hit a ball if he isn’t looking at it?

Focusing on Your Clients’ Goals Benefits you Just as Much

Focusing on providing results for your client will reward you in the long run. In this day and age, a client that you help achieve its goals will let the world know it. And so will a client that isn’t seeing results, and nobody wants that type of acknowledgement.

Our work is always focused on our client’s vision, so it brings us great joy when we can hear back from them. Recently, we received our first review on Clutch. We traveled to Boston, MA for this project in order to film and produce a stream of video content for global sensor technology industry leader, Vaisala. This review resulted from one of our partners that trusted our capabilities enough to fly us across the country to bring their vision to life.

Our approach was to focus on the underlying goals and vision for their organization and the project itself. Our client shared their goals and vision and we simply took notes, shifting our focus to those things. We communicated with them what we believed to be their goals, and corrected ourselves where needed. It was determined that they wanted to create a stream of video content that would inform viewers about their products. They equally wanted to educate viewers about the very technical and scientific environments that their products function in. This client is an industry thought leader because they have great products and people that truly understand their industry as well as anyone. They wanted this series to show exactly that, and we focused on bringing those goals life.

Vaisala’s review highlights the difference between having a team that creates a high quality, engaging video, and one that does this while also keeping their focus on their client’s desired results for the video project. The review can be seen on Clutch is a DC-based B2B platform that connects businesses with potential solution providers. Through the use of client ratings and reviews, companies can find their best matches according to industry of interest and geographic region.

Results for Your Clients’ are Results for you

By focusing on our client’s needs and goals, we were able to not only provide hours of great quality video content, but also significant results. Vaisala has since experienced tangible results through improved engagement and lead rates. They explain these results in their review. All this to say, there are many video production companies that create high quality content.  There are very few that immerse themselves into the status, needs, and goals of their clients. Ensure that the your content is achieving its intended results by keeping the focus where it should be. Make sure that you’re hiring an organization that is willing and capable of approaching your project as a member of your team, not their own separate company.

“They went out of their way—going above and beyond to meet our expectations. For example, they outsourced the audio of the project to an expert so the quality of the work would be top-notch. Their crew was also extremely friendly. I also appreciated that when I asked for their input on the other quotes we received, they made sure to point out red flags and show us what wasn’t necessary. For future projects, we’re definitely going to continue using them.” -Marketing Specialist, Electronics Manufacturer


Videos are a part of the present and future, and we want to help build that future for our clients. If you are interested in knowing more about our work, or would like to collaborate with us on a future project, please let us know!


Brent Dolan

Brent, Director of Operations at WK Studios, currently lives in Bend, Oregon, with his wife Stephanie and two sons Micah and Ezra.


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Love your work and vision! You guys are always the best at what you do. Anyone who doesn’t hire you’all is losing money, i believe that!

Love your work and vision! You guys are always the best at what you do. Anyone who doesn’t hire you’all is losing money, i believe that!

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