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Are TV Commercials Dead? Absolutely Not. And We’ve Got Proof

Every year you hear the same hot take: TV advertising and TV commercials are a dead medium. But if you look at the statistics, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, a study by MarketShare said that TV advertising produces four times the return on investment (ROI) as digital advertising does.

That’s because even though people aren’t sitting on the couch to watch sitcoms on their TV sets, they are still watching TV in other formats. But are professional TV commercials still an investment that’s worth making? We think so.And we can back it up. 


Benefits of TV Commercials That No One’s Talking About

Even though attention spans and watching habits are changing, Americans are still watching a lot of television. According to A.C. Nielsen, the average American watches four hours of TV every single day!

They might not be sitting around the living room as a family, watching television together all of the time. Instead, they’re in their rooms, watching it on various devices. Just think about how often your friends and family are streaming on their phones, tablets, and laptops. 

For advertisers, these habits offer the potential to make a solid return on their marketing investments. Based on one study, every dollar spent on TV advertising results in $6.50 earned for the advertiser. That’s a great ROI for something that others are so quick to deem ‘outdated’.

Not only that, but with new mediums come new possibilities. Long story short, you don’t always have to invest in long-form ads anymore. In fact, studies show that short-form ads (around 6 seconds) capture 8% to 11% more attention than long-form alternatives. 


TV Commercials for Auto Dealerships

Of course, not all TV commercials are created equal. Just think about all of the stereotypical auto dealership commercials you’ve seen. Are you picturing a red-faced man in a suit and tie shouting about how they have the BEST DEALS as long as you HURRY HURRY HURRY

If you’re interested in standing out from the crowd, you need to shout less and show more. Our Driver’s Seat Program can help you do exactly that by highlighting your offering in a memorable, quality video that will leave a lasting impression.


Get Creative and Stand Out From the Crowd

TV commercials are far from dead. In fact, all of the evidence shows that this medium is thriving. Well-produced commercials allow you to stand out from the competition by using creativity to highlight your expertise and capabilities. Ready to showcase your business? Get in touch to book a consultation today.


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