Video Marketing

Reach the Right Customers with Targeted Video Distribution

Too many video production companies eagerly sign on the dotted line to produce a 50K video project and then wipe their hands clean after the video is exported. At WK Studios, we understand that a video alone without viewers is a liability and not an asset. Our clients expect ROI from their video projects that they can proudly take back to the C-levels at their companies.

We know that the best video production companies have suggestions and better yet, offer video distribution options for their clients’ videos to ensure that the video reaches not just AN audience, but is targeted to reach the exact audience the client needs. Moving into 2020, there are a number of targeted video distribution channels and the right production company can help you reach the right audience.

Video Distribution Channels

These days, every social media site has its own native video platform. Choosing the correct channel makes a big difference in reaching the right audience. For example, if you want to reach other businesses, sharing video content on LinkedIn can make more sense for certain B2B content. B2C product videos may do better on Facebook or Instagram, depending on what you’re selling and who you’re selling to. The right video production company can assist you in choosing the right video distribution channel for your content.

Social Video Distribution — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, & TikTok… there are ample social media platforms to choose from to deliver your video content to the right audience.

Video Streaming Services — Video streaming services have created a wide distribution channel for video content. Find the right video distribution source — from commercial video ads on Hulu and YouTube to getting your documentary streaming on Netflix.

Online Video Distribution — From embedding your video content on your website to including it in email newsletters and blog posts, a robust online distribution strategy is key.

Cable and Network Television — While it may seem like streaming has taken over television, people still watch traditional television. Whether you’re running a local, regional or national advertising campaign, targeting the channels and programs watched by your target audience still attains an enviable reach and drives conversions.

Public Relations — Sometimes getting your video in front of the right audience takes partnering with the right social media influencer or the right online news article. Public relations may help your video gain traction depending on your brand and business goals.

Video Ad Targeting

Social media and paid display advertising make it easy to target the right audience for your video project. Facebook and Instagram allow you to target demographics, behaviors, interests and life events, which makes reaching people who like similar products or services more achievable than traditional advertising. Social media advertising allows you to target a narrow audience with interests and behaviors similar to those who have purchased your products or services in the past. Facebook offers dynamic targeting options including Lookalike Audiences. You create a source audience, which could be based on a website retargeting list, for example. Facebook then analyzes the behavior of the source audience and creates a persona that identifies similar users on its platforms (including Instagram!).

YouTube is now the second-largest search engine in the world, only dwarfed by Google. Targeting an audience on YouTube allows your content to appear in channels and videos where people are talking about things related to your business. Social media advertising offers businesses a great way to target specific audiences and introduce your brand through video advertising.

Meet Customers Where They Want to Connect

The right video production company for your brand knows the ins and outs of video distribution and audience targeting. At WK Studios, we help out clients reach people where they want to be connected with, be it through social media, traditional TV commercials, episodic web content or online streaming services. We won’t just wash our hands clean after the final export of your video. Choose to have us assist in your video distribution strategy and watch as your ROI grows. Finding the right audience makes all the difference in a video distribution strategy.

Brent Dolan

Brent, Director of Operations at WK Studios, currently lives in Bend, Oregon, with his wife Stephanie and two sons Micah and Ezra.