We are Attention Brokers

As video producers,  we make our living trying to capture people’s attention.  Attention is the currency,  and we are the brokers.  Every time we conceptualize that TV commercial, upload that video or post on Instagram we are hoping to capture the attention of our target audience.  How many of them will view, like, share? How many of them will convert?


Sorry to be so mercantile,  but video production is expensive.  If there’s no ROI then your client has very little reason to invest.  Even non-profits have to connect their message to the proper audience to ensure their longevity.

As creative professionals,  it’s our job not just to make pretty images,  but to conceptualize and capture effective ideas.

So,  how do we hijack the attention of our audience away from the myriad of other images vying for their eyeballs?

Of course,  there’s always the cheap tricks – do something shocking or disgusting.   If you’re funny,  I mean really funny you could always make a hilarious video and hope… However,  that low hanging fruit has pretty much been harvested.

For serious brands with an actual message,  here’s the WK suggestion.

1. Content marketing –  these are cheap and easy.   For these videos,  content and distribution is king.  The quality of production doesn’t matter nearly as much as communicating something useful.  When you want to fix the fan in your computer or change the spark plug in your car you care that the “teacher” is thorough and intelligent and are willing to overlook the shaky video and noisy audio.  If you associate your brand with these “quick tips” or small teachings, it is a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader and keep yourself “top of mind”.

2.  Lifestyle videos- people in general,  especially millennials, don’t just want to buy a product,  they want to buy into a lifestyle.  Communicating your brand through lifestyle videos can create strong associations with the kind of lifestyle your target audience either has or desires.

A great example of this is GoPro.  They show awesome Video of people living extreme lifestyles and finish with their tagline “Be a Hero”.  Most people who buy the camera probably never engage in anything near the extreme sports shown in their promo video,  but buying it makes them feel like they are a part of something greater.

3.  Branded narratives –  Stories move us. They create emotion. A well-told story grabs our attention early,  brings us into the character’s world,  and invents a need for resolution.  Innovative brands such as BMW,  Lexus,  Pontiac,  Ritz Carlton and more are tapping into this art form as a powerful way to infuse that emotion into their brand.

Once your client’s mind associates an emotion with your brand, that same emotion will come back every time they see your logo, your product, your website, etc.  Of course,  emotion lingers long after facts and figures are gone.

Paul Powers videographer


Paul Powers is a producer at WK Studios and currently resides in Bend OR with his beautiful wife and daughter.