What Camera Do You Use?

This music video was going to rock!

I had a concept…  I had a storyboard… and I had a VX 2000.  This was an expensive camera with lots of controls!

Pulling the camera out of the black pelican case, fresh from the hallowed halls of film 101 I knew I must have arrived. Superstardom awaited. I put my hand on my cell phone and felt for the buzz. My call from Stephen Speilberg was coming at any moment.

My disappointment was pungent. While the dailies were pretty good for a first-year film student, I had seen better things on public TV. I was unimpressed.

That was the first time I dipped my finger in the waters of “There’s more to being a good filmmaker than just having an expensive camera.”  I didn’t know that an ocean lay beyond. 10 years and many cameras later I have learned that lesson well.  I think there is a transition in most filmmaker’s lives where they must turn the corner from “I need to focus on getting a better camera” to “I need to focus on improving my skill.”

Improve your skills and someone will put a better camera in your hand.

If you don’t improve your skills will you even know what to do with a better camera?

My new mantra is this: Improve your skills to the point where your old camera won’t accomplish what you know is possible, watch people who are doing what you want to do, and then ask, “What camera did you use?”