Storytelling…miles more than just a story.

Here at WK Studios, we love our industry, and that includes lots of love for other companies and individuals that are pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into it, just like we do. Muse Storytelling shares our passion for telling stories. They bring up a great point in one of their articles (The Story of Story, by Patrick Moreau) about being careful not to allow temptation or persuasion to derail the story. We couldn’t agree more.

There are endless things that you’d likely love to have viewers see in you your videos, whether it’s a specific person, the great price, or even all the ways your product can benefit them, but it’s important to remember that a story is meant to take the viewer on a seamless mental journey, and each informational detail that is forced in has the potential to damage the strength of the story.

Keep on making your dreams come to life, everyone!