Murray and Holt Commercial

We recently teamed up with “The Marketing Department” to produce a great commercial for Murray and Holt Motors.

While we initially wrote the script to involve a grandfather and grandson washing a classic car we soon realized that would be impossible.   A very cool owner was going to loan us his  ’67 Camaro for the shoot, the idea of washing this $50,000 car was vetoed.  We were also informed that the only person who would be allowed to drive the car was the Head Sales Rep at Murray and Holt.

This created a few challenges.

The first day’s shooting was in the Murray and Holt lot.  We started in the mechanics bay with a shot of a Murray and Holt technician helping our “Grandpa” with his car.


From there we moved into the showroom where our grandson was going to buy his first car (with grandpas help of course).  So that we would not interrupt the flow of business, we wrapped for the day.


The next morning the Head sales rep drove the car down to the local park, put it by the curb, took the keys and went back to work.  The shooting went well.


How were we going to show that the grandpa was driving the car?  We didn’t have a green screen with us.  So what do we do?  Marshall came up with the idea of holding up a scrim outside the window as he shot from the other side.


Back in post, we put it all together, using the After Effects Rotobrush tool to composite “grandpa driving”.  Marshall even put a virtual camera on the shot to make it look like the car was shaking.


For the other half of that shot we had the “grandson” ride with the sales rep on the way back Murray and Holt and filmed him riding in the car.

We then called in our good friend Cameron Whitaker to do the voiceover.

All in all, it took about 2 and 1/2 days and 8 people to produce a 30-second commercial.

Here’s the result:

Murray and Holt “When it Came Time” :30 second Spot from WK Studios on Vimeo.

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